The Youth Academy Of Dramatic Arts (YADA) is looking to hire crew members for our upcoming dress rehearsals and shows. We are looking for SM/Set Crew, Sound Crew, Costume Crew and Lighting Crew, as well as people who are comfortable running multiple positions. We are a musical theatre school in West Hollywood that produces fully staged musicals with our students.

  • All crew positions should be someone who is comfortable working with students of all ages. Our casts range from about 3 or 4 years old up to about 16 at the oldest.
  • All crew positions are paid out at $20/hr. The amount of hours for a call varies by the class level/age range of the students in each given show.
  • Crew members are required to assist the show directors as needed and are given breaks during this period when their assistance is not needed.
  • Crew members sign up for times/days when they are available and are scheduled based on that availability.
  • Throughout the Summer we have crews available most Wed-Sun in both daytime and evening slots.
  • All employees are required to pass a background check and drug test before officially beginning work.
  • Sound - We have a cast of up to 24 students wearing body mics for our shows. Our sound ops are responsible for conducting a mic check before the show/dress and making any EQ adjustments needed to make each actor sound as good as possible, as well as helping troubleshoot any mics that aren’t working. Through the run of the show the sound op will follow along in the sound prompt script, bringing up mics and taking them out as needed from scene to scene to song, etc. All of our shows are musicals, so the sound op should be someone who is comfortable balancing the level of singers vs. music tracks. They should also be comfortable using qlab to play sound cues and music tracks as they come up in the prompt script. When our shows have projections, these will be built into the qlab and triggered by the sound op. This person is responsible for turning on and off all sound and projection equipment before and after the show/dress. They are also responsible to help sanitize and put mics away at the end of the show/dress.
  • Costumes - Our costume crew is responsible for helping to dress the students at the top of the show/dress. Our students arrive dressed in a tank top and shorts that serves as their base layer, and their costume is fitted over that layer. Our Costume Designer makes multiple versions of each costume to accommodate different aged/sized students; and then the costume crew helps select the appropriate size/version and pins or adjusts as needed to make the costume fit properly. During the run of the show, the costume crew stays in the dressing room to keep an eye on the costumes as the students go in and out, as well as helping with any changes noted on the costume plot for the cast. Occasionally there will be quick changes off to the sides of the stage but most changes occur in the dressing room between scenes. The costume crew will help kids hang up costumes and make sure everything is sanitized at the end of the show/dress.
  • Lights - Our light board op is responsible for turning on all lighting equipment before the show and turning it off after. They follow along with the show in a lighting prompt script and hit the GO button on the board as notated. We have a follow spot that is used occasionally and the light board op will run that as called for in the script. This person should feel comfortable running an ETC ION console. It is a super bonus if they are someone who can diagnose problems like a blown lamp that needs switching out, etc.
  • SM/Set Crew - Our SM and Set Crew serve as the backstage crew, following a shift plot and moving sets throughout the show. The SM does not call GO for lights and sound cues, but does give GO calls in transition moments throughout the show. They also are in charge of communicating with Box Office and the Directors/Crew/Cast to get the show started in a timely manner. They are in charge of making sure every crew member helps get things shut down at the end of the shift and they release all crew members, once everything is completed.
  • If interested, please email your resume to Dan Graul (COO/TD of YADA) at

Job Type: Part-time

Work Location: In person

YADA is committed to a workplace where everyone is free from bias, prejudice, discrimination and harassment. Our organization strives to ensure a welcoming work environment where everyone belongs and is valued, encouraged & respected for their unique contributions. We are focused on building a culture that acknowledges and values Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome all to apply.

We want to express our gratitude for the scholarship for our daughter.  She so enjoyed coming to YADA and fell in love with her role. She showed so much enthusiasm at our place.  Last night’s performance was incredible and so much fun.  It wouldn’t have been possible with your support.  She is extremely eager to continue with MATILDA and she enjoyed making new friends. Thank you for making this all possible.

Rainer is thriving at YADA and we are so happy to have found such a nurturing, amazing place for
him to learn.

You guys are epic… So amazed by the work and love that goes into each and every production. You help your students grow and shine. You deserve all the applause. We are blessed to be part of the YADA family.

Becoming part of the YADA family has been an amazing experience for David!

Mutual love fest here!!!!

Thank you so much. I have already enrolled Janey for the next season. She tells me that she wants to go to YADA forever!

Skylar absolutely loves YADA and would not think of missing it. I enrolled her the very first day of registration so we should be all set!

Our daughter is thriving and extremely happy in your program!

Thank you again to you, all the teachers and Yada for this opportunity for Lourdes, her heart is so set on this.