We love our students & parents and they love us!

YADA really brings the magic out that kids have inside them. theatre in general is so wonderful for kids learning how to present themselves onstage. At YADA they get to perform with their friends and be silly and have fun. My daughter just loves it. It is a truly magical place with the best teachers in town. Truly. I LOVE IT. My daughter stella loves it. The productions are top notch. It is just so heart warming that a place like this exists in Los Angeles. Kids get to learn how to be on stage and sing and dance their little hearts out. YADA is just the best!!!! My daughter gets so excited every time her rehearsal class rolls around. She loves putting on her rehearsal clothes and really getting to work and learn about the craft of theatre and the joy that comes from the community of theatre. All the kids putting on a show together. This is what got me interested in acting when i was little. It was getting to be in a show with my friends. YADA just has the magic!! It is a truly special place. I really cannot say enough about how wonderful YADA is and how much my daughter loves it.

Molly Shannon

Thank you for making Sera feel confident that she can be cast for any part if she puts in her best effort– even a part that would normally be played by a white, blond girl. She called herself the “Asian Elle Woods” and I absolutely loved that.

Jamie Koh

Dear YADA Family,

Because of YADA and their performances, our daughter Marley has grown tremendously.  As result of her working towards these shows she has learned the value of hard work and what it takes to make a performance great, by rehearsing at home, focusing in class and learning her lines. She’s learned the importance of punctuality and accountability and how important it is to be on time and ready to rehearse.  She’s learned the value of teamwork as it takes collaboration of others to make a performance come together.  And from that collaboration she’s made amazing friends at YADA and what the value of that friendship means.

Marley’s confidence and self-esteem have grown incredibly since she stared doing YADA performances.  The little girl that started as apprehensive and shy has grown into a young lady that has no problem storming out onto stage, belting out songs and dancing her heart out. This is something that her mom exclaims that she herself could never do. And because of that confidence that YADA has instilled she’s willing to use that voice to support what she believes in….All of them being amazing fundamentals that have benefitted Marley.

However, for her mother and me the greatest benefit besides those listed above are the memories. The pictures, the videos, the hugs, kisses and smiles during and after the performance are unbeatable…and none of them would be available to our family without the financial aid program and incredible generosity of the staff and decision makers at YADA.

We thank you,

The Rices (Chris, Jessianne & Miss Marley)
I also wanted to pass along a quote from Josie Aaronson, age 8:
“Mommy, I can’t wait for YADA to begin again. It is my happy place and I just love it there. It feels like they are family and that I just belong”
Thank you for creating this amazing space for my children to thrive!
Leslie Aaronson
First off, Howard and I can’t thank you enough for the incredible experience you gave Guy with The Lion King.  We were blown away by the production from all sides – set and costumes but even more importantly the joyful actors!  We still have no idea how you pull something like that off in two weeks.  Guy can’t stop talking about it.
And thank you for your generosity with Guy, who had never remotely attempted anything like this.  He can’t wait to come back.  As parents who almost exclusively are at baseball games, :o)  seeing this side of Guy was mind bending and so exciting.  Annie and JR were wonderful directors.  Please pass on our thanks to them, Jonathan and everyone there for a beautiful two weeks that Guy (and us) will not soon forget.

Many thanks!

Anne and Howard

First, a big big thank you to the whole YADA team for making Willy Wonka and every single show produced such an amazing experience for my girls, and for making YADA such an amazing, nurturing and loving place; a place where its great to succeed but its also ok, and just as much fun, to take the journey to success.

After the show last night I feel that I have to share how impressed we were with the performance of the kids, both as individuals and as a cast.  Each and every kids sparkled and was amazing but as a team, as a cast the were just spectacular, especially given how young they all are.  Hat’s off to Nicole and JR for working magic with these kids!!! 

The kids can’t wait for the next show!!!

Yael (Daniella, Lia and Shira’s mom)


This is our first experience with YADA and it’s clear to see why it came so highly recommended. Every experience we’ve had, and each person we’ve talked to, has been helpful, caring and friendly. It’s been a wonderful experience for our family, especially Elizabeth. She loves every second she’s there, and talks non stop about YADA when she’s home. Thank you for creating a safe, nurturing, challenging and fun environment for her.

Nancy Guyer

Just a quick note to say thank you!  We are so excited to see the final production of Annie this Friday. This has truly been an amazing experience for Isabella and she has absolutely loved every minute. She has been studying musical theatre for a couple of years now, but YADA definitely raises the bar!  

We have been so impressed by the curriculum and caliber of YADA Directors. Beyond the amazing set design, costuming and theatre experience YADA offers its students, we’ve appreciated the time and focus on character development and vocal characterization.  We definitely believe that YADA’s Jr. Master Class is perfect for Isabella and her continued growth and development.

Gillian Medina

Madeline loves it and definitely wants to continue. I have always admired her work ethic. It is all her and I think its because she really loves it and comes from a genuine passion for the music, material, and the idea of performing. We will continue to encourage her and hope that as she continues she exhibits that same passion and confidence when on the stage. We know that Maddie thrives when she feels connected to those teaching, counseling, and mentoring her.

Again, thanks for having and working with her!

Susan and Adam Zelinka

Thanks so much! We are thrilled to watch Chase light up talking about her special time at YADA. It’s made her a more confident little girl. It’s truly her home away from Home!

Brielle Cohen

I can’t tell you the smile this e-mail put on my and my husband’s face. What a lovely report, thank you so much. Our best indicator as to how Avery is doing at YADA is how much she’s floating when we come to pick her up. You are all spectacular instructors, and we thank you for helping to expose Avery (and now her little brother) to the wonderful world of theatre.



I am so happy Claire is doing drama. I think it’s important for public speaking and a confidence booster.

She will continue YADA with Lexey, her friend from school. It’s been so great for her. She is very happy after class.

Thanks again for your wonderful engagement of the children. Seeing their strengths and what they have to offer.

Lynn Lempert

She absolutley loves YADA and loves each and every show she is in. She always gives 100% at home so I can just imagine what she does there and it really shows when I see her on stage. Thank you for being there to direct her and guide her. It makes all the difference!

I have already signed her up for the next show. She can NOT wait.

Laura Siegel

“The Little Mermaid” will be Gabrielle’s 5th show. She absolutely loves Yada. As parents, we feel blessed Elle can take part in
such a confidence building cultural experience. We can’t imagine not scheduling our Sundays around Yada. You all do a wonderful job so thank you.

We are so pleased Gabrielle’s enthusiasm and her eagerness to get better is showing. For her, we understand it can be a focus issue. It is definitely something we are all working on with her and glad to say that we also see positive results.

Yada does a magnificent job assigning the various roles to all the kids. Not an easy task by any means. We keep stressing that with every show and with the proper preparation, Gabrielle will be able to take on bigger roles. We are confident that with every performance, she will be ready and able.

Thank you so much.

Go Yada!

Talia Rimokh

I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you all for everything you do at YADA. We feel so lucky to have found this program. Initially we were reticent to sign up b/c of the cost, but once you belong to YADA and see a show, it’s so clear it’s worth every penny. The creativity and effort put into those amazing sets, props, wigs, and makeup must take hours of work. Camden just loves YADA. It has done wonders for her confidence, not to mention she is being exposed to and learning such wonderful shows. She was so proud of herself that working hard, paying attention in class and not goofing off got her a chance at a lead role. She is also so happy to know that she can move up and learn more.

Thank you to everyone for putting such passion and love into each production.

We are very grateful.


Cori, Graham and Camden

One of the things that sets YADA apart is the professionalism and care put into each children’s musical. From the costume design, to the set design, to the lighting; It is the high production value that gives the YADA children’s musicals an air dignity. It elevates what these kids are a part of, giving them something they can really be proud to participate in.

Your quality approach to children’s musical theatre is truly unique. Keep up the great work Lani and Kim!

Greg Douglas

Shaina just loves coming to your school! She has blossomed and says she never wants to leave your school. I can see at home, she always works hard and practices her singing and lines. Just today Shaina mentioned that music, singing, and dance is her life.

Your team of teachers are very warm, kind and professional!!! which is very important to the students as well as trust to all parents. Shaina can’t wait until each Saturday comes, to go to your school.

You have every support from us.

Thank you and kind regards

Elizabeth Schmid

CONGRATULATIONS on a great production of Little Mermaid today!!

Please spread the word to your colleagues that the set was so impressive and the way the modifications were made between scenes, the lighting, etc.. You all simply put on a polished production and it is great how YADA honors the child-performers in this way… Also, thank you so much for your help with the tickets… We sat in the front & second row for the shows and it was a treat to be close up, and so easy for Gilda to spot us!

Thanks again and congratulations to the entire cast & crew. That Ariel, by the way, was an adorably insistent and commanding performer!

All best,

Jody P. Colaiaco

Thanks for all the work that you do with the students at YADA!

Also, it was such a joy to see all of the staff on stage last Friday! It was a pleasure to see all of the talented individuals at YADA and I was truly touched that by the inspiration that you bring to your students!

I am very grateful that Lindsey is part of such a wonderful group of students and teachers at YADA.


Sheila Spencer

Our daughter really enjoys YADA. After coming home from the staff show (which was insanely good BTW), she said to me as she was closing her eyes for bed “mommy, I am so glad we found YADA.”

I too have noticed the confidence changes. She loves singing and dancing. We love that she is learning all these great musicals. And I cannot tell you what joy we get on show night.

Thank you and all the staff for working so hard on costumes, sets, makeup, etc. Your passion and enthusiasm for what you all do is evident and we are sincerely grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With gratitude,

Graham & Cori Allvey

Lexey is so happy in her new Monday class and continues to feel so thrilled to be a part of the yada community. She loves her private lessons with you and Hayley. As far as she is concerned right now she will be at YADA forever and ever. Thank you for mentoring her and supporting her.



Hailey absolutely loves being at YADA and I have seen such growth over the years because of all your hard work and experience you bring to each show. I cannot thank you enough for this and I know Hailey is the one that benefits! We will see you on Wednesday for the shows and I look forward to continuing to be a part of the YADA family.


It has been a wonderful experience for her where she feels supported and encouraged to be her best self. YADA is an amazing organization that not only nurtures the students but as a former performer myself, I feel it gives the kids a true glimpse of what could be in their future because of the professional staff and productions.


Our daughter is thriving and extremely happy in your program!

Rhea and Mark Wahlberg

Lexey has had such a good time in her new Monday class. She loves her time at YADA so much and feels so supported. She is excited for the show and looking forward to Legally Blonde.

Thanks for everything!


Camille has loved every minute in Jr. Master. Thanks for all of your hard work with the group. Camille and I caught the south bay production of Legally Blonde the Musical last month. Camille is to bed early resting for tomorrow nights show and can’t wait to get started on the next!

Yvette Joffe

We wanted to take a moment to thank each member of the YADA staff for all you have done to bring to life Beauty and the Beast! The entire cast was well prepared and gave a wonderful performance resulting in a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable evening of entertainment. Your dedication, hard work, time and patience in working with the kids is truly appreciated.

The hallmark of a great organization is not only the end result, but also how they achieve it, and it is here that we would like to give special recognition to YADA. We have never seen an organization where everyone is so friendly and helpful; each doing all they can to foster a truly positive atmosphere. Our daughter loves each and every moment spent at YADA, looking forward to each weekly class as if it were the performance itself. The kids clearly thrive in this supportive and non-competitive atmosphere. You have made YADA feel like a family; a family which we are so happy and proud to be a part of.

Claudia and Michael Moores

Charlie loooooves YADA and it is truly the one activity that he never ever complains about going to! He has already told me that the YADA summer camp (Avenue Q) has been the best summer camp he has ever done!
He is definitely going to do Legally Blonde and I have already signed him up.

Thanks so much for being such a great teacher to Charlie. It has been fun to see his enthusiasm and confidence truly blossom during these past couple of months.

Margaret Boggs

Thank you so much for your sweet note. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking notice of Avi’s growth. I felt so proud of him for stepping in as Gaston, so your recognition and email mean a lot to me. Avi really has become more confident and capable, and is looking forward to more challenging roles in future plays. Daniella and Alexa are also growing and greatly enjoying their experience at YADA. All three are completely dedicated and want to continue working hard and challenging themselves. Thank you again for all your positive feedback.

Nicole Chaim

My Wife Ruve’ and I cannot put into words the incredible job you did with three of our kids. It was their first time on stage and they truly excelled due to your caring and coaching!!! They had such a great time and that reflects on how truly amazing YADA is!

Thank you all so much and look forward to the next production.

God Bless,

Neal McDonough