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Learning to love yourself and theatre... At the same time  #yada #theatre #selflove #youth #practice #kindness #music #dance #singing #for #kids #losangeles #hollywood

Looking to make music more fun this summer?

YADA has a Musical Improv Summer Retreat coming up at our Third Street Location!! Expect lots of improv games and making music up on the fly! Check out our website for more details  #yada #music #improv #summer #retreat #youth #programs

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3000+ Happy YADA Families

Thank you for making Sera feel confident that she can be cast for any part if she puts in her best effort– even a part that would normally be played by a white, blond girl. She called herself the “Asian Elle Woods” and I absolutely loved that.

Jamie Koh

Hiram had such a blast at camp!  I asked him if he’d like for me to look for theatre classes closer to home for the school year and he said, “You know, mom, I’m a YADA or nothing kind of guy.” You have a fan for life!

Lisa Katz

Our daughter, Blythe McNamara, was in the Puddles Cast for “Singin’ in the Rain.” We could not believe what your teachers did with these children in 2 weeks; the joyful artistry was off the charts.

Blythe’s teachers Leigh and Morgan were incredible to say the least – so talented and caring. Blythe fell in love with them, and we are so grateful to them for inspiring her to sing and dance her heart out.

Leigh Stein & Joe McNamara

I wanted to write and thank you.  Eva could not have had a better experience.  This was her first time doing a musical and I was kind of nervous for her.  Totally unwarranted, as I found out, because you guys really know how to encourage confidence.  I hope we can do another musical sometime in the future.

Nina & Mark S.

Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity you provide our kiddos. Simone has really found her home in YADA. It is such a kind, nurturing environment that at the same time challenges kids to grow. We really appreciate everything you do.

Nadia Del-Pan

YADA is literally the only summer camp our kids want to do… everyone on staff is so kind and friendly… we really cannot say enough good things about YADA. So… THANK YOU!!!!

Natalie Light

Mommy, I can’t wait for YADA to begin again. It is my happy place and I just love it there. It feels like they are family and that I just belong.

Josie Aaronson, age 8

Thanks so much for another incredible show and experience. Chase loves each director and every single moment of Yada. We appreciate you all!!

Brielle Cohen

Thank you for all that you do. It’s had such a great impact on Emily and she will be thrilled to continue learning and performing in your upcoming shows.

Kate Schreiber

Lexey has had such a good time in her new Monday class. She loves her time at Yada so much and feels so supported by you and Rebecca. She is excited for the show and looking forward to the next class.

Stefanie Klein

It is truly all she talks about and is just loving it. You can imagine that we all know every word of her songs. Thank you all for all the time, effort, energy and caring you put in to make it such an incredible experience for our kids!

Chareen Kossoff

She LOVES Yada and consistently says it’s her favorite part of the week. Thank you and the entire Yada team for creating such a wonderful environment and learning experience for the kids.

Melissa Burton

Tuesday is quite inspired by you, and wants to sing as well as you do. Im glad knowing she is in great hands. Tuesday really loves YADA and all the teachers. She has been very enthusiastic about every single show that she has performed in.


She loves YADA, performing there and all of the great friends she has made among her fellow cast members.

Robb Sullivan

Hard to believe this is the same kid who started performing with you just over a year ago. People ask me what the secret ingredient at Yada is… I always tell them pure love. Your love of all these passionate performers.

Clare Sebenius

As I said, she really enjoys going to YADA – I hardly ever see her as happy as she is when I pick her up from YADA! Thanks again for the great work you guys do there at YADA.


Camden LOVES YADA. It is, hands down, her most favorite activity. Thank you Annie, and the rest of the YADA staff, for all your hard work, time and devotion.

Cori & Graham Allvey

Nola LOVES Yada. She enjoys every second and looks forward to going every week. You guys do such a beautiful job getting these kids excited about theater. So thank you for that.

Jamie Denbo

Griffin has loved everything about his “Beauty and the Beast” experience!! Thank you so much for the joy we see in his face after every session. See you soon!

Barrett McIntyre

We were so lucky to meet YADA when we first moved to Los Angeles about 6 years ago. I think Jinny has been growing with YADA, and it really helps her to get more confident.

Julie Kim


Helen Sassover


Victoria Lawton

Hazel’s really having fun in the part of LeFou and constantly talks about how excited she is to perform the show. I can’t wait to see it!!!!!

Sondi Toll Sepenuk

YADA has become a tremendously important part of Michelle’s life, and she absolutely loves it there. We are so happy to be part of the YADA family where everyone from the teachers and staff to the fellow students are so nice.


Thanks again so much! Zoe has had a fabulous experience at Yada and has loved every minute of it! We look forward to this Thursday’s performances!


She has loved being in this program and we are thrilled and excited to see her in the production next week. Thank you for all of your support and we’ll look forward to participating in the next production.

Karen & Rio

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