YADA offers classes to kids ages 3-16!

See all of YADA's awesome classes below.

Please note the following age guidelines to properly enroll your child.

During the school year students must be or turn the correct age for the class by the following dates:

October 1st for Fall Session, February 1st for Winter Session, May 1st for Spring Session
For Summer camps, students must turn the correct age within the summer camp dates that they are enrolled in.


Tots: Ages 3-5

Introducing YADA TOTS, tailored for kids aged 3-5 eager to join the fun! No casting, just singing, dancing, and excitement as TOTS learn songs and showcase their talents in a final show after 10 weeks. Parents, it's TOTS-only, and please ensure they're potty trained!


Pre-Primary: Ages 4-7

Transitioning from TOTS to Pre-Primary? This class is tailored for ages 4-7, offering support for those who aspire to be cast while honing reading and stage skills. YADA TOTS serves as a prerequisite for Pre-Primary.


Primary: Ages 6-8

Designed for ages 6-8, PRIMARY introduces counting, music, choreography, and blocking skills. Our dedicated staff provides interactive support, ensuring each child receives personalized attention. Pre-Requisite: YADA's Pre-Primary class.


Primary/Level 1: Ages 6-9

Experience the perfect blend of foundational learning and creative exploration with LEVEL Primary/1! Tailored for ages 6-9, this combo level integrates counting, music, choreography, and blocking skills, building upon YADA's Pre-Primary class. Graduates of PRIMARY or equivalent programs delve deeper into character development, vocal techniques, and exciting choreography under the guidance of our dedicated staff.


Level 1: Ages 7-9

LEVEL 1 is where the fun continues for graduates of YADA's Primary or equivalent! Dive into character development, vocal techniques, and exciting choreography!

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Level 2: Ages 8-10

LEVEL 2 is where the journey advances for graduates of YADA's Level 1 or equivalent! Explore deeper character development, refine vocal techniques, master choreography, and dive into the art of script analysis for an even more immersive experience!

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Level 2/3: Ages 8 and up

Welcome to LEVEL 2/3 where graduates of Level 1 or equivalent continue their journey! Dive into deeper character development, refine vocal techniques, and master choreography while immersing yourself in script analysis, seamlessly combining the best of Levels 2 and 3. Experience a thrilling and supportive atmosphere as you conquer advanced challenges in character, voice, and movement!


Level 3: Ages 10 and up

LEVEL 3 awaits graduates from YADA's Level 2 or similar, offering a thrilling and supportive atmosphere! Delve into advanced character development, refine vocal techniques, and conquer challenging choreography in this dynamic class!

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Jr. Master: Ages 9 and up

Welcome to JR. MASTER, where serious performers aged 9 and up thrive in a uniquely professional setting! Amid a nurturing environment, our teachers inspire discipline and skill growth. Completion of at least one school year in a Level 2 class is highly encouraged before auditioning for this level. Email yadakidsauditions@gmail.com for details.

Students are admitted by audition only. Click here for information.

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Master: Ages 12 and up

Welcome to MASTER, where serious performers aged 12 and up embrace the pursuit of professional excellence! Dive into character work, vocal harmonies, and challenging choreography in our safe yet dynamic environment. This is an audition required level.

Students are admitted by audition only. Click here for information.


Improv: Ages 6 and up

Improv is a fun way to develop acting skills through playing theater games. Imagination is all you need to play all kinds of characters in all kinds of situations. Gain confidence, stage presence and become more comfortable with public speaking.



The Company:

Ages High School and up

Enrollment for this class is by audition only. YADA's most advanced class is open to teens who are serious performers looking to grow and express themselves artistically.  Culminating in all that YADA offers, rehearsals operate in the manner of a professional theatre company.  Stage directors, musical directors and choreographers offer the most challenging opportunities to these emerging artists. Coming back soon!

Pre-requisite: YADA's Master Class or equivalent


Apprenticeship Program:

Ages 12-17

  • YADA offers apprenticeships for students ages 12-17. These positions are selected by application only.
    • Participants gain insights and hands-on experience in their fields of interest.
    • Each apprentice will be paired with a dedicated mentor.
    • Apprentices will work on real-world projects, collaborate with their peers, and contribute to meaningful YADA Experience.
  • Please note, since all apprentices are minors, and still in the care of YADA, there will be a nominal fee associated with this new program. This fee will help cover the costs of materials, resources, and activities designed to enhance the apprenticeship experience.

  1. Log into the Parent Portal: Access your account HERE
  2. Navigate to the Registration Form: Find and click on the “Apprenticeship Program” option.
  3. Complete the Application: Please note - your child  must be present and participate in the application process - we want to get to know them!
We want to express our gratitude for the scholarship for our daughter.  She so enjoyed coming to YADA and fell in love with her role. She showed so much enthusiasm at our place.  Last night’s performance was incredible and so much fun.  It wouldn’t have been possible with your support.  She is extremely eager to continue with MATILDA and she enjoyed making new friends. Thank you for making this all possible.

Rainer is thriving at YADA and we are so happy to have found such a nurturing, amazing place for
him to learn.

You guys are epic… So amazed by the work and love that goes into each and every production. You help your students grow and shine. You deserve all the applause. We are blessed to be part of the YADA family.

Becoming part of the YADA family has been an amazing experience for David!

Mutual love fest here!!!!

Thank you so much. I have already enrolled Janey for the next season. She tells me that she wants to go to YADA forever!

Skylar absolutely loves YADA and would not think of missing it. I enrolled her the very first day of registration so we should be all set!

Our daughter is thriving and extremely happy in your program!

Thank you again to you, all the teachers and Yada for this opportunity for Lourdes, her heart is so set on this.