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Saturdays 11am • Only $5 

September 23rd Show - SOLD OUT

Ages: 5-500

8115 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

A high energy, family-friendly improv show that will bring joy to your day and a boisterous car ride home. With a promise of laughter, this rotating cast has families yelling out suggestions, and young audience volunteers joining the cast on stage to perform games for a wild rockin’ hour of ridiculousness! We take our silly seriously, come rock some endorphins with the Rockin’ Awesome Improv Show!

CAST: Jose Acain, Matt Acevedo, Chris Bunyi, Oliver Berger, Pepper Berry, Jake Cassman, Jaclynn Cherry, Rachel Crane, Drew Cullinan, Chrystale Davis, John DeFour, Courtney Doyle, Piper Gillin, Elaine Hammel, Matt Hunter, Stephen C James, Jeremy Klein, Nina Marie Kypuros, David Luna, Danny Lutman, Katie McDermott, Kevin Ocampo, Carrie-ann Pishnak, Jamison Scala, Leeann St. John, Jenna Torrisi, Carrie Weisberg, Mike Woodley, and Arielle Zadok. Musical Director: Tiffany Schirz

Photo Credit: Elena Seyfarth (New Art House)


I absolutely loved seeing my daughter laugh so hard! The improv is funny, quick, smart, and appealing to all ages. I also love that the kids who volunteer are treated with such support and kindness. ~Molly E.

We had a blast! We all laughed so hard as a family and my kids felt like they were apart of the action on stage. Yay!! Looking forward to the next show! ~Mandy W.

The show started off strong with the emotional symphony and went into some fun interactive bits with the audience. We had a great time. ~Sarah B.