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Our mission for the past 26 years has been to give children a voice, and to help them grow that voice as they gain confidence both on and off the stage.  It is important to YADA that every child be able to experience the magic of theatre, and YADA is honored to be able to provide over $150,000 annually in scholarships to children who may not be able to afford a theatre program otherwise.

We have always felt a responsibility to be there for our community however we can. We are determined to continue doing everything we can to inspire, comfort, and nurture the wonderful little souls that our families have placed in our hands. 

Our program relies solely on the support of our amazing families and donors. We hope that, if you are able, you will consider helping us continue to bring the gift of musical theatre into the lives of our incredible kids. 100% of all donations go directly towards the scholarship students and their theatrical experience!

Warmest wishes,

Lani Shipman & Kimberly Harrigan

YADA Co-Owners

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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YADA Alumni & Kids Share Their Voices!

We always say that YADA is the place where kids find their voice. We could not be prouder or more honored that these incredible YADA kids & alumni used their voices to help #saveyada.

This heartwarming online presentation featured songs, stories, and flashback photos and videos from our talented YADA alumni, along with videos and original artwork by current YADA kids!

The show will ALWAYS go on at YADA, and we cannot thank all of our amazing participants enough for putting this together!