Planning My Child's Development

In this section we provide an overview of how the YADA curriculum works. From understanding what is happening with your child's progress to scheduling an appointment with your child's director. You'll find it here!

After you review this information you may still have comments or questions. If so please direct all inquiries to our YADA staff by clicking HERE or call us at 323-655-9232.

How Our Curriculum Works...

YADA offers classes for students ranging in ages of 3 - 18 years. Each YADA class is designed to challenge yet encourage students no matter which age group they are in.

Students are placed into a class based on their age and their specific developmental level and performance experience. As the student progresses in YADA, classes, camps  and retreats they graduate to the next level. There are only two levels that require an audition before the student is admitted. Jr. Master and Master.

To get a complete description of who each class, and so you can select just the right class for your child, please click here.

I Want To Schedule An Appointment With My Child's Director To Discuss My Child's Progress

For answers to all pertinent questions relating to what to discuss with the director or to schedule a time to speak with your director contact a YADA team member here and we will get in touch with you soon.