Let’s face the music & dance at YADA PLAYA VISTA! 

Sing! Playa Vista gif (1200 x 675 px)

Let’s go crazy this Winter at YADA Playa Vista!

With our sensational show featuring popular songs from the hit movies “Sing” and “Sing 2”! There’s nothin’ holdin’ us back  and we’re still standing even under pressure! So, shake it off, say a little prayer, and don’t you worry ‘bout a thing as we have the time of our lives this Winter with Sing! 

YADA pricing
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TOTS: 2 payments of $216

Pre-Primary: 2 payments of $370

Primary & Level 1: 2 payments of $500

Level 2. 3, Jr. Master & Master: 2 payments of  $570

All classes: $25 Registration Fee