YADA Scholarships

Every session YADA offers scholarships to those families in financial need. It is our belief that every child deserves to discover the magic of theatre, and we make it our mission to provide YADA to those who qualify.

Scholarship applicants will need to provide proof of any and all income, most recent tax returns, explanation of any extenuating circumstances, and a completed financial aid form.

Please note that the maximum award possible for a family is the equivalent of one full tuition per session, if approved.

All qualified scholarship families are required to re-apply for aid for each session they wish to attend. 

Scholarships are not offered for specific casts but for a session.  YADA will do everything possible to accommodate your class preference, but you may be asked to choose another class at YADA’s discretion.

  • Please note that all Fall 2022 scholarships have been filled.
  • Applications for financial aid for Summer 2023 will begin February 1, 2023.
  • Deadline for financial aid applications for Summer 2023:
    • May 1st for all Camps in June
    • June 1st for all Camps in July
    • July1st for all Camps in August
  • You will be notified of acceptance by the following:
    • May 15th for all Camps in June
    • June 15th for all Camps in July
    • July15th for all Camps in August
Scholarship applicants: please log in or create a parent log in, search for the class you're hoping to join and click to register.  During registration indicate you're interested in applying for financial aid.  Then you'll fill out the financial aid form on your child's profile and upload your 2 most recent tax returns online.