• Private sessions are 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length and are scheduled directly through the YADA offices.
  • Private Lessons are $40.00 per half hour, $60 for 45 minutes, and $80 for an hour.
  • We also offer shared private lessons. Shared private lessons are offered at $30 per student, per half hour. There is a maximum of three students in a shared private lesson.
  • Lessons are to be paid by check, cash, or credit card on the day of the lesson.
  • A series of lessons may be paid for in advance.
  • All cancellations must be given to YADA with a 24-hour notice. Any lessons cancelled within 24 hours will be billed to your account in full.
  • Lessons will occur during the time scheduled. Any time lost due to tardiness will not be made up during the lesson.
  • Lessons are to be scheduled through the YADA office, and will be booked according to the student and teacher’s schedules.
  • Any lost materials given to the student by YADA must be replaced at the student’s expense.
  • Students may bring a tape recorder or camcorder if they wish to record their lesson.


This private session helps students work on breath control, musical scales, and a song of their choice.  While learning proper technique for healthy singing students also gain confidence in their natural voice. If involved in a current YADA production, specific solo & group songs can be rehearsed.


This private session is designed for students who want to learn basic dance techniques for musical theatre.  Students who may need added individual help in rehearsing specific choreography for their show may benefit from these one-on-one lessons.

For more information or to book your child's private lesson follow the instructions listed below.

Request a Lesson

1. If you would like to sign your student up for private lessons, just click on the menu item “Parent Login”, use your username and password you received when you signed up for YADA classes.


2. Then click on the tab labeled “Lesson Request”. Follow the prompts in the form and then click the Submit button. From there, a YADA administrator will get in touch with you.