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Singing from our bedrooms.
Dancing in our hallways.
Building sets in our kitchens.
Assembling costumes from our closets.
Bonding with our friends.
These are some of the amazing experiences our wonderful YADA kids have shared as part of our YADAVISION platform over the past few months, and these are some of the unforgettable experiences that we are continuing to provide. Even online, YADA is home. YADA is safe, familiar, and a weekly place to go where the kids and Directors know them and are eager to give them a welcoming and encouraging stage on which they can shine.
When we made the decision to close our building back in March, we were following both the scientific data and the lead of LAUSD. Our primary concern was the safety of our students and staff, and our decision to close proved to be the right call. We are incredibly proud of how quickly we (our entire YADA community -- including YOU!) were able to pivot and not just adjust to this new reality, but actually make the best of it and find joy in it.
This past year, following CDC and PHD guidelines, we safely stepped back into our beloved theatre and offered  small classes and shows on our stage. The kids are having a blast seeing their friends, teachers and doing what they love! 
In this world of uncertainty, we are determined to put something out there that our kids can COUNT on. And so, we are happy to continue to offer TWO options! Our YADAVISION program and our IN PERSON program!
No matter what happens in the world, we will continue to sing, dance, and love one another. And so, we will do what we do as theatre people...put on our costumes, stand on whatever stage we can find, and sing and dance our hearts out!
With YADAVISION, tickets will be sold for a very special viewing party with your family and friends!
Our virtual stage & Third Street stage await your sparkling faces!


Watch our video on how we YADAVISION!

YADAVISION Where Every Platform Is Your Stage TM

From our YADA family to yours, we believe that we are all in this together, and it is up to all of us to support each other through this unprecedented time. Whether it is in person or over a device, we all need each other now, more than ever.

Be safe. Be happy. And remember, the show will go on!