Musical Improv Summer Camp 2020
Ages: 5 & Up

YADA 3rd St & YADA Studio City:
1 Week Retreat: June 29-July 2, 9a-12p
YADA Studio City:
1 Week Retreat: August 17-21, 1p-4p

1 week camp half day: $365


YADA Musical Improv for Kids!

Say “Yes, and…” to this special Musical Improv retreat this summer! Half day classes will consist of theatre games and learning the basics of both improvisation and musical improv. And the classes will culminate in a performance for friends and family where all suggestions are welcome! So warm-up your bodies and voices and get ready to have a blast with us!

Rainer is thriving at YADA and we are so happy to have found such a nurturing, amazing place for
him to learn.

You guys are epic… So amazed by the work and love that goes into each and every production. You help your students grow and shine. You deserve all the applause. We are blessed to be part of the YADA family.

Becoming part of the YADA family has been an amazing experience for David!

Mutual love fest here!!!!

Thank you so much. I have already enrolled Janey for the next season. She tells me that she wants to go to YADA forever!

Skylar absolutely loves YADA and would not think of missing it. I enrolled her the very first day of registration so we should be all set!

Our daughter is thriving and extremely happy in your program!

Thank you again to you, all the teachers and Yada for this opportunity for Lourdes, her heart is so set on this.