All The Hard Work Leads To Show Day!

Everyone on staff at YADA knows how thrilling the day of the show can be for all involved. With all the excitement in the air, it’s easy to forget what to bring, what to do, and where to go! Below find a small reminder list that will help pre-pare and enjoy your child’s big day.

Please take the time to review this information with your child and if you still have questions you may direct them to our YADA staff by clicking HERE or call us at 323-655-9232.


What happens on show day

Send your child with $5.00 per show day for their pizza dinner. Between shows YADA will order pizza and have juice for all the cast members.

  •  Send your child with a water bottle clearly marked with his or her name.
  •  Please leave ALL jewelry and hair accessories at home. We will remove them for theirdress rehearsal and performances.
  •  Make sure your child is wearing bike shorts and a tank top to wear underneath your child's costume.  Official YADA tanks and shorts can be purchase at your child's dress or show.  Please see below for more specific information.
  •  Please make sure your child’s hair is washed and clean. If they wear a wig, please pin curl their hair and bring a wig cap. If you do not have a wig cap, they can purchase at YADA for $3.00. More specific information below.
  •  All performances are held at YADA’s THIRD STREET THEATRE: 8115 West 3rd Street, LA, CA.
  •  Remember to leave yourself and your guests plenty of time to find parking.
  •  Parents are asked not to visit their children prior to curtain. This is very important as the actors are getting into make-up and costumes. They enjoy the excitement that their parents and friends will see them in character for the first time when they walk on-stage. Please respect this policy.
  •  No guests are allowed backstage at anytime. No exceptions.
  •  Lobby doors will open a half hour prior to show time.
  •  No flash photography will be allowed during the show as it is dangerous to the 19 performers onstage.

When is my child's dress rehearsal and show day

When you enroll, you will see when your child's dress rehearsal and show day will take place.   These dates will also be on your child's binder cover which will be given to them on the second class day.  YADA will also communicate these dates with you throughout the session via constant contact.

What time does my child need to arrive for the dress rehearsal and show?

Dress rehearsals are three hours in length and actors are called for the full three hours.  During this time, students will get into full costume, make-up and hair.  They will be photographed in costume and then will run their show with all of the technical elements: lights, sounds, sets, props, costumes and music.

For their show day, depending on what time your child's show is, all actors are called two hours before their show time.  This will allow our YADA team to get them into costume, make-up, hair and mics.


How Do I Buy Tickets?

YADA will send a link to buy tickets from via email.  Each child is permitted four tickets during our pre-sale time period.  Once our pre-sale time period has ended, the remaining tickets will go on sale for the general public.  Families are more than welcome to purchase more tickets at this time.


What Does My Child Need to Wear?


YADA provides every student with specially designed and constructed costumes. Worn under each costume, students will need to provide their own "Show Clothes,” described below. These items should be worn for both their dress rehearsal & show day.  YADA also sells official YADA show clothes that can be purchased during your child's dress rehearsal and show day.


Please bring a flesh colored, thin spaghetti strapped tank top & skin tight biker shorts.


Please bring skin tight biker shorts & a white, beige or black tank top.


Most of the time, jazz or ballet shoes are what your child will wear for their show. For girls, character shoes can be worn depending on the part they are cast in. Also, for shows like “Oliver”, boots or old shoes might be asked to be worn. As we get closer to the show, the costume designer will send home a list of what type of shoes would be preferred. Also, if you need to purchase jazz or ballet shoes, YADA sells gently used ones for $10.


Sometimes students will be cast in parts that will require them to wear a wig. If this is the case, please send your child to YADA with their hair in pin curls (boys do not need to do this) as well as with $3.00 to purchase their own personal wig cap. For sanitary reason, this wig cap is ONLY for your child, and they should bring it back on their show day. If a student does not bring their wig cap back on their show day, YADA will bill your account for another $3.00 to ensure your child has a new, sanitary wig cap.

To see how to do pin curls go to:


We would like to kindly ask every child to come to YADA fully bathed; face clean, hair washed and, if appropriate, with deodorant. This is due to the im- portance of applying make-up and to achieve each costume and wig appli-cation. YADA's make-up and hair crew need clean, fresh slates to work with!


What Do I Need to Bring to Dress and Show?

  • Script
  • Water
  • Show clothes
  • Hair in pin-curls if wearing a wig.
  • Fun and positive attitude!

Is There Carpool on Dress and Show Day?

All children to be picked up and dropped off in the lobby on dress and show…

There is no car pool because the directors are prepping for the show.